10. Setting fees on secondary sales

Earning crypto every time an item is sold on OpenSea

One of the most exciting reasons to use OpenSea is the ability to earn revenue from secondary sales on items. Every time an item is sold on OpenSea, the project owner (you!) can take a percentage of the sale as revenue. This means that you can not only earn money from selling your initial set of items to users, but you can continue to earn as your game and marketplace heats up!

Setting your secondary sale fee

To set your secondary sale fee, simply go to your collection editor and adjust the "Percentage fee" field under the Royalty section. Specify the payout address where you wish to receive the fees.

Types of fees

Royalties are charged to the seller. When a seller is embedded in a marketplace that they created, you can also earn money with a seller fee.

In this case, an NFT sells for 1 ETH through their site, we deduct our 2.5% fee and then pay the affiliate out of that 2.5%.

For example, Creator A gets a collection and sets a 2.5% royalty for that collection. When orders are created, we include those fees into the order = adding 5% on top. That means a 2.5% fee for OpenSea, and another 2.5% royalty for the collection creator.

You're free to play around with whatever fees you'd like in the My Collection editor.