3. Custom sale contract — viewing your options

How to view your options on OpenSea

Once you've deployed a Factory contract, the next step is to view each option on OpenSea. The good news is that getting your Factory options to show up on OpenSea is the same as for your ERC721 items. Simply implement the tokenURI method and have it return metadata in the same format as the ERC721 items.

interface Factory {

   * @dev Returns a URL specifying some metadata about the option. This metadata can be of the
   * same structure as the ERC721 metadata.
  function tokenURI(uint256 _optionId) public view returns (string);

By hitting the right URL, we should be able to immediately view one of our options on OpenSea. The URL can be constructed in the following way:


Where factory_contract_address is the address of your factory, and option_id is one of the option id's.

For example, here is one of the options for the OpenSea Creature Sale, whose factory address is 0x381748c76f2b8871afbbe4578781cd24df34ae0d:

View it yourself at: