5. Auctioning an item

Now that your items are on OpenSea, they can instantly be bought and sold by any users who own them. You don't need to write any other smart contracts or integrations. The OpenSea platform takes care of all of it!

Testing the selling flow

Assuming you put them in an account you own, you can immediately test the selling flow for your items. Simply go to an item and click "sell" to put it up for sale. The flow will walk through any additional steps required.

After going through the listing flow, your CryptoPuff is now immediately purchase-able on OpenSea. In fact, if you sign into another MetaMask account on Rinkeby, you can buy it immediately!

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Try bidding on an item

Additionally, all of your items can be immediately bid on by any Ethereum account. Just go to any of the items and select "Make offer".

For offers, there are a few additional steps required that involve wrapping your ETH with WETH. You can read more about our bidding system here.


Sell a bundle

You can also sell a bundle of OpenSea creatures. To do this, go to your account dropdown and click "Sell a bundle of items".

eBay-style auction

To sell a creature (or bundle of creatures) to the highest bidder, select highest bid!


Sell in another token

You can also sell items in tokens other than ETH. To try this out, click on the Ether symbol and select another token (on our mainnet site, you can select ETH, DAI, or USDC). Note that you can also select many other ERC20 tokens as the token of choice in the collection editor screen .

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