6 Launching on mainnet

Finished testing on Goerli and ready to launch your asset on the mainnet? Super exciting! The process is roughly the same, with just a few environment variable changes

Once you've deployed your contract and minted your items, your collection should automatically show up on OpenSea!

Notes on mainnet deployment

When running the minting script on mainnet, your environment variable needs to be set to mainnet not live. The environment variable affects the node's URL in the minting script, not truffle.

When you deploy, you're using truffle and you need to give truffle an argument that corresponds to the naming in truffle.js (--network live). But when you mint, you're relying on the environment variable you set to build the URL (https://github.com/ProjectOpenSea/opensea-creatures/blob/master/scripts/mint.js#L54), so you need to use the term that makes Alchemy or Infura happy (mainnet). Truffle and Alchemy/Infura use the same terminology for Rinkeby, but different terminology for mainnet.

If you start your minting script, but nothing happens, double check your environment variables.

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