8. Running an initial item sale

Sell your items to your initial user base using OpenSea

Your OpenSea marketplace is all set up to allow users to buy, sell, and bid on your items. But how do you get your items to users in the first place?

Option 1: Simple item sale

You can use OpenSea to distribute your items through an "initial item offering". CryptoVoxels is a great example of a project that has done this well. The developers of CryptoVoxels use OpenSea exclusively to sell land in the CryptoVoxels world.

Running your item sale on OpenSea this way is actually really simple. Just mint your items into an account of your choosing, and sell them off using the standard auction flow. They'll immediately show up for sale on your dedicated OpenSea category page and in the global OpenSea feed, where they can be discovered by the broader OpenSea user base.


Option 2: Custom Sale Contract

Alternatively, you can use our item factory contract to immediately plug into our presale infrastructure. Check out our tutorial here.