Embed an NFT or collection directly in your website or blog.

Embedding any collection or page of NFTs

You can embed a fully functional OpenSea marketplace into your website in 3 quick steps!

  1. Find the OpenSea collection or marketplace page that you want to embed, and then add ?embed=true to the end of the URL. If a question mark already exists in the URL, add &embed=true instead.
  2. Then copy this URL ending in "embed=true" to replace the example URL ("https://opensea.io/assets?embed=true") in the snippet below.
  3. Paste this snippet of code into your site, and you’re set!
<iframe src='https://opensea.io/assets?embed=true'

Want to auto-resize the frame for mobile? OpenSea works with iFrame Resizer v4.2.3.

If you're using Wordpress, see here for how to use iframes in your site.

If you’re not familiar with HTML or if you’re not sure how to access the code that generates your site, ping us on Discord. We’re always happy to chat. Alternatively, you can visit our Github repo for further instructions.



Embedding Single NFTs

You can embed any NFT from OpenSea directly into your website, blog, or Medium post. To embed an NFT, simply go to the NFT on OpenSea (for example, this OpenSea creature) and click the “share” button in the upper right corner. Then select “Embed Asset”. A popup will appear with an embed code. Copy and paste the embed code into your website.

Read more on our blog.