OpenSea Crowd Sale Tutorial

Simple tutorial for running a crowd sale for your items on OpenSea



We recommend completing the OpenSea Developer Tutorial before the initial item sale tutorial!

Now that you've leveraged OpenSea to build the peer-to-peer marketplace for your users to trade your items, the next question is how you issue your initial items to your users. Do you want to sell packs of items to your users? Airdop items to users as rewards? Or perhaps have lootboxes that can be purchased and even traded by users?

Good news: all of the above can be done using OpenSea's platform! In this tutorial, we'll learn about the various options for running an initial item sale on OpenSea. By the end, we'll have our own custom sale contract for the sale of the OpenSea Creatures. This custom sale contract will support:

  • Buying a single OpenSea creature
  • Buying four (random) OpenSea creatures
  • Buying a tradeable lootbox of OpenSea creatures

We'll start by learning about the simplest way to sell items on OpenSea.

What’s Next