Build your own marketplace in minutes

OpenSea provides a one-stop shop for creating your own customizable marketplace for your ERC721 or non-fungible token (NFT) project. Allow users to smoothly buy and sell your items, get custom stats and analytics, and earn revenue when your items get traded.


Partners Program

Partner with OpenSea to build a customizable, white-labelled marketplace for your project

Build your own OpenSea-powered marketplace

Build your own marketplace

OpenSea provides a robust suite of tools for developers building projects with blockchain-based digital assets.

Project developers can power their marketplace directly on OpenSea's infrastructure, and still reap all of the traditional benefits of owning the marketplace.

Instant set-up


Fixed-price selling

Dutch auctions

Bid-based auctions



Gas-free listings

Revenue share

Referral / affiliate program

Custom domain

Full in-game integration

The most advanced marketplace feature set

OpenSea's platform provides the most powerful way for your users to buy and sell their items. To any developer that builds on our platform, we offer:

Fixed Price Sales

Product Listing

Items can be sold at a set price or gifted

Dutch Auctions

Dutch Auctions

Item's price can fluctuate up or down in a set timeframe

Item Bidding

Item Bidding

Any user can make an offer on another user's item

Bundle Sales

Bundle Sales

Items can be sold and purchased as a group

Time-tested, audited smart contracts

OpenSea is powered by the Wyvern Protocol, a set of robust Ethereum smart contracts specifically designed for buying and selling unique digital assets. The smart contracts are security audited and have been used in production with high-volume games. You won't need to deploy any additional smart contracts (other than your ERC721 contract) in order for your items to be instantly tradeable with our SDK.

Full customizability

You can tailor your marketplace exactly how you want it. Whether you're building with our instant OpenSea Storefront solution, on your own domain with our white-labeled integration, or with a DIY approach using the OpenSea SDK, you'll be able to get the exact look and feel you want for your marketplace experience.

Exposure on the largest decentralized marketplace

Thousands of users are already browsing OpenSea to discover the best-priced items. When you build your own OpenSea marketplace, your items will be instantly cross-listed onto the general OpenSea marketplace for discovery.

With over 1,400 ETH in volume on our exchange, we have built up a liquidity pool for blockchain-based items. By using OpenSea, you plug directly into this liquidity pool and truly allow the market for your items to thrive.

We have over 1.2M collectibles on our site, growing every day

We have over 1.2M collectibles on our site, growing every day

Revenue from secondary sales

Every time a user sells an item, they pay a fee — a percentage of the price it was sold. When you host a marketplace on OpenSea, you get a piece of this fee. With increased volume and increased exposure, this makes OpenSea a huge win over building an isolated marketplace.

You can take a very small cut to encourage more trading, or a larger cut to try to maximize revenue. Part of this fee goes to OpenSea, but the rest goes to you! To learn more about setting your fees, check out our docs

Host your initial item sale on OpenSea

Many of our partners also host their initial item sales on OpenSea. This can be done entirely on the OpenSea platform, and is detailed in the OpenSea Crowd Sale Tutorial.

Alternatively, if you are looking to do something more custom, please contact [email protected].

Our Partners

OpenSea is currently the primary marketplace for several of the biggest blockchain games. A few of our partners include: