OpenSea Crowd Sale

Run the crowd sale for your items on OpenSea

The OpenSea Crowd Sale integration allows you to run a crowd sale for your items entirely using the OpenSea infrastructure. If you're looking to distribute ownership of items in your game, or new items in an existing game, our tools maximize exposure to the crypto gaming community and provide robust infrastructure for auctioning items.

Gasless listing

Sell in any ERC20 token

Multiple auction styles (eBay-style, Dutch, fixed-price)

Exposure on the OpenSea marketplace

Direct integration into your site

Bundle and lootbox integration

Referral / affiliate system

Sell in USD

Coming soon!

To get started with the OpenSea Crowd Sale integration, check out our Crowd Sale Tutorial.

Case Study #1: Coins & Steel

Coins & Steel leveraged the OpenSea platform for their crowdsale, conducting 187 ETH worth of sales in the first few weeks of the sale. Instead of implementing a custom contract, the team saved development time by leveraging the OpenSea smart contracts, as well as the user interface for searching and sorting the presale items.

Case Study #2: Chainbreakers

Chainbreakers leveraged the OpenSea platform for their crowdsale, conducting 1.6 million MANA worth of sales.

Case Study #3: War Riders

War Riders—an MMO built on Ethereum, integrated with OpenSea to conduct a crowdsale for their vehicles.

Case Study #4: F1 Delta Time