OpenSea Storefront

Get up and running today with a customizable OpenSea integration

The simplest way to leverage OpenSea is through the OpenSea Storefront feature. As long as your contract is ERC721 or ERC1155 compliant, this option works instantly. Just follow the OpenSea developer tutorial to set up your items and get an instant marketplace for your items. Developers have called the process "magical".


Instant buying and selling

With the OpenSea storefront, your items are instantly tradeable through OpenSea's platform. This means that your users will be able to immediately sell items without paying gas, bid on items, sell bundles of items, and gift them to other users. You get all of this for free!



Not only is OpenSea storefront feature entirely free, but it comes with the additional benefit that every single secondary sale on OpenSea earns you revenue! You can set your fee in the storefront editor.