Part 3: Setting up a Solana Node with QuickNode

Set up a Solana node quickly and easily with QuickNode.

While this goal can be accomplished with any node connection on the Solana network, we use QuickNode in this tutorial. QuickNode service makes it quick and easy to set up a Solana node. You can register for a free trial as well as see pricing here. We will want to launch our node under the Solana Devnet for this tutorial.

Once you’ve set up your node, copy the HTTP endpoint found here:


With your endpoint on the Solana Devnet setup, you can now run this command, substituting NODE_RPC_URL with the HTTP URL you have copied:

solana config set --url NODE_RPC_URL

Now to fund your wallet you can run the command:

solana airdrop 1

If the command is successful you should be able to run solana balance in your terminal and see that 1 Sol is there.