Part 8: Solana and OpenSea Metaplex Certified Collection Standard

How to view and manage your Solana NFT on OpenSea.


Congratulations on successfully generating and minting your own CMv2 NFT project! We've covered the Phantom wallet, Candy Machine, how it's configured, and deployed your first Solana NFT.

For learning and experimentation purposes, the preceding tutorial was done on the Solana Devnet. For production environment projects, you will need to move to the Solana Mainnet, and replace all of the devnet instructions with mainnet-beta.


OpenSea does not currently provide support for the Solana Devnet at this time. When we do provide support for Solana Devnet, you'll have the ability to view your Devnet NFT and manage your Devnet NFT collections.

If you have a current Solana project or have minted to Solana Mainnet, you can manage your collection by following this Help Center Guide “Creators on Solana”.

Metaplex Certified Collection Standard

If you do not see your Solana Mainnet NFT collection, you'll need to ensure it adheres to the Metaplex Certified Collection Standard. Please review this OpenSea Guide on “Getting my Solana collection on OpenSea: Understanding the Metaplex Certified Collection standard”.


What is the Metaplex Certified Collection Standard?

The Metaplex Certified Collection standard is the current backbone of the Solana NFT ecosystem. Historically, there hasn’t been a concept of an NFT “collection” on Solana marketplaces. In order to establish this “collection” formatting on OpenSea, we are using the Metaplex Certified Collection standard to replicate a native collection.

This on-chain standard verifies that every NFT is part of a collection by tying together thousands of NFTs.

For all new Solana projects: Using MCC lends authenticity to your project. It’s a codeless process, and you can kick it off on the Metaplex website.

For existing Solana projects: You’ll need to use this tool to migrate your existing project to the latest version. Once you’ve migrated, your collection will be listed on OpenSea automatically.

Make sure you fully complete the MCC process to verify your tokens, in order to ensure that all tokens are properly associated with the collection. If it gets interrupted, you can restart the process with your full list of tokens.

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Learn more about the Solana MCC standard here.

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