Field NameDescriptionNotes
identifierThe NFT's unique identifier within the smart contract (also referred to as token_id)
collectionThe name (or slug) of the collection
contractThe address of the smart contract
token_standardThe token standard of the NFT (ex: erc721, erc1155)
nameName of the NFT
descriptionDescription of the NFT
image_urlLink to the image associated with the NFT
animation_urlLink to the video or animation associated with the NFT
metadata_urlLink to the off chain metadata store
created_atDate the NFT was ingested into OpenSea
updated_atLast time the metadata for an NFT was updated
is_disabledReturns true if the item is currently not able to be
bought or sold using OpenSea and false otherwise
is_nsfwReturns true if the item is currently classified as 'Not Safe for Work' by OpenSea
is_suspiciousReturns true if the item has been
reported for suspicious activity and false otherwise
ownersA list of Owner objectsfor NFTs with more than 50 owners, this field will be null
creatorThe address of the creator
traitsA list of Trait objectsfor NFTs with more than 50 traits, this field will be null
rarityA Rarity object