Asset events represent state changes that occur for assets. This includes putting them on sale, bidding on them, selling them, cancelling sales, transferring them, and more.

Field Name



Describes the event type. This can be: created for new auctions, successful for sales, cancelled for cancelled auctions, bid_entered, bid_withdrawn, transfer, offer_entered, or approve

asset / asset_bundle

A subfield containing a simplified version of the Asset or Asset Bundle on which this event happened


When the event was recorded

from_account / to_account

The accounts associated with this event.


A boolean value that is true if the sale event was a private sale


The payment asset used in this transaction, such as ETH, WETH or DAI


The amount of the item that was sold. Applicable for semi-fungible assets


The total price that the asset was bought for. This includes any royalties that might have been collected