To retrieve assets from our API, call the /assets endpoint with the desired filter parameters.

Note: sorting by listing_date will filter out assets that are not on sale, along with assets being sold on an escrow contract (where the true owner doesn't own the asset anymore). To sort assets by their escrowed auction price, use current_escrow_price for your order_by parameter. You'll need to do this to display and sort auctions from the CryptoKitties contract, for example.

Auctions created on OpenSea don't use an escrow contract, which enables gas-free auctions and allows users to retain ownership of their items while they're on sale. So this is just a heads up in case you notice some assets from not appearing in the API. The ability to sort by current_price for these items will come in a future release.

The endpoint will return the following fields:


List of Asset Object

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