NFT Object Definition

Field NameDescriptionNotes
identifierThe NFT's unique identifier within the smart contract (also referred to as token_id)
collectionThe name (or slug) of the collection
contractThe address of the smart contract
token_standardThe token standard of the NFT (ex: erc721, erc1155)
nameName of the NFT
descriptionDescription of the NFT
image_urlLink to the image associated with the NFTDeprecated Field
metadata_urlLink to the off chain metadata store
created_atDate the NFT was ingested into OpenSea
updated_atLast time the metadata for an NFT was updated
is_disabledReturns true if the item is currently not able to be
bought or sold using OpenSea and false otherwise
is_nsfwReturns true if the item is currently classified as 'Not Safe for Work' by OpenSea