The OpenSea API helps developers build new experiences using NFTs and our marketplace data. We provide a set of endpoints that enable you to fetch ERC721 and ERC1155 token metadata as well as other core elements of our marketplace, including events, collection, listings, offers, and more. We offer these endpoints because we believe in composability in web3 and want to extend access to this data to anyone that wishes to build on top of it. However, if you use this data we require that you join us in our mission of building a composable and decentralized web3 ecosystem by reciprocating and offering us equivalent levels of access to your data through an API and complying with our Terms of Service.

Additionally, we provide this API free of charge and ask that you provide attribution to OpenSea on your site or in your app. When using our API, you should link to the OpenSea marketplace from the NFTs that you display, where appropriate. Please see our Logos & Brand Guidelines for images that you can use for OpenSea attribution.

Our API is rate-limited - if you’d like to use it in a production environment, please request an API key.


What is the default rate limit?
GET requests are limited to 4/sec per API key. POST requests are limited to 2/sec per API key.

Can I create listings through the API?
Yes, but an API Key is required. Please refer to our SDK for an example.

How can I obtain an API Key?
Please submit a request here.

What endpoints require an API Key
The /assets, /events, /validate, and /orders endpoints require a valid API key.

Does OpenSea have an SDK?
Yes. Our SDK can be found here.

Can I contact OpenSea about the API?
Yes. You can reach out to our developers channel on Discord or email us at [email protected].