Asset contracts contain data about the contract itself, such as the Bored Ape Yacht Club contract. Here are the field associated with an asset contract:

Field NameDescriptionNotes
addresson chain address of the contract
asset_contract_typedescribes whether a contract is fungible or non-fungible
chain_identifierThe chain identifier that the contract exists on.The options are "arbitrum", "avalanche", "ethereum", "klaytn", "matic" and "optimism".
namename of the contract
dev_seller_fee_basis_pointsThe collector's fees that get paid out to them when sales are made for their collectionsdeprecated - use 'fees' in the Collection Model
opensea_seller_fee_basis_pointsThe OpenSea feedeprecated - use 'fees' in the Collection Model
payout_addressThe payout address for the collection's creator earningsdeprecated - use 'fees' in the Collection Model
descriptiondescription of the contract
schema_nametypes of tokens supported by the contract (ex. ERC721)
external_link external link to the contracts website
collectionsee Collection Model