Collections are used to represent all the assets in a single (or multiple) contract addresses and help users group items from the same creator. They have one or more owners and are typically associated with important metadata such as creator earnings configurations and descriptions.

Field NameDescriptionNotes
nameThe collection name. Typically derived from the first contract imported to the collection but can be changed by the user
external_linkExternal link to the original website for the collection
descriptionDescription for the model
slugThe collection slug that is used to link to the collection on OpenSea. This value can change by the owner but must be unique across all collection slugs in OpenSea
image_urlAn image for the collection. Note that this is the cached URL we store on our end. The original image url is image_original_url
banner_image_urlImage used in the horizontal top banner for the collection
dev_seller_fee_basis_pointsThe collector's fees that get paid out to them when sales are made for their collectionsdeprecated - use 'fees' instead
opensea_seller_fee_basis_pointsThe OpenSea feedeprecated - use 'fees' instead
safelist_request_statusThe collection's approval status within OpenSea. Can be not_requested (brand new collections), requested (collections that requested safelisting on our site), approved (collections that are approved on our site and can be found in search results), and verified (verified collections)
payout_addressThe payout address for the collection's creator earningsdeprecated - use 'fees' instead
primary_asset_contractsA list of the contracts that are associated with this collection
traitsA dictionary listing all the trait types available within this collection
payment_tokensThe payment tokens accepted for this collection
editorsApproved editors on this collection.
statsA dictionary containing some sales statistics related to this collection, including trade volume and floor prices
feesA dictionary for each of the opensea_fees and seller_fees that are vended, mapping recipient address to the basis points paid out to themThese fees are calculated based on the assumption that you are paying the creator earnings basis points specified by the collection creator.

To see if seller_fees are enforced during listing/offer creation, check is_creator_fees_enforced .

For details on the minimum fees required to submit a listing or offer, please see this article.
is_creator_fees_enforcedA boolean indicating whether the creator earnings specified in fees are enforced during programmatic listing/offer creation.For details on creator fee enforcement, please see this article.
is_rarity_enabledA boolean indicating whether the creator has rarity enabled for display on OpenSea.