Asset events represent state changes that occur for assets. This includes putting them on sale, bidding on them, selling them, cancelling sales, transferring them, and more.

Field NameDescription
event_typeDescribes the event type. This can be: created for new auctions, successful for sales, cancelled for cancelled auctions, bid_entered, bid_withdrawn, transfer, offer_entered, or approve
asset / asset_bundleA subfield containing a simplified version of the Asset or Asset Bundle on which this event happened. See Asset Model
created_dateWhen the event was recorded
from_account / to_accountThe accounts associated with this event. See Account Model
is_privateA boolean value that is true if the sale event was a private sale
payment_tokenThe payment asset used in this transaction, such as ETH, WETH or DAI
quantityThe amount of the item that was sold. Applicable for semi-fungible assets
total_priceThe total price that the asset was bought for
collection_slugThe slug of the collection that contains the asset or asset_bundle
starting_price / ending_priceFor regular offers or listings, these values will be the same. For declining auctions, the start and end price may be different