This endpoint returns a set of NFTs based on the specified filter parameters.

Auctions created on OpenSea don't use an escrow contract, which enables gas-free auctions and allows users to retain ownership of their items while they're on sale. In these cases, some NFTs from may not appear in the API until a transaction has been completed.


Requests to this endpoint require an API key. If you don't have an API key, please request one.

The endpoint will return the following fields:

Field NameDescription
assetsList of Asset Object
nextA cursor to be supplied as a query param to retrieve the next page
previousA cursor to be supplied as a query param to retrieve the previous page

As of May 25, this endpoint will return orders from the Seaport contract in the seaport_sell_orders field. The sell_orders field will return orders from the Wyvern contract only. Please refer to the Seaport Order model for schema details.

OpenSea is now returning collection offers on the /assets/:address/:token_id/offers endpoint.

To view this you can command + F (mac) ctrl + F (windows) and search for the keyword 'criteria' in the response to see which ones are a collection, example response.

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