05.12.2023 Updates

OpenSea has been hard at work helping to build the API to be valuable to the broader Web3 ecosystem. Here are some of the ways, the API has changed this week:


  1. Self-Serve API Keys have launched to all OpenSea Users

Breaking Changes

  1. Seaport 1.4 Orders, both listings and offers, are now rejected.
  2. protocol_address has been changed from an optional to a required field.
  3. The v1 /events endpoint had a previous cursor which was rarely used and has now been removed. The API will now only return a next cursor.

Bug Fixes / Improvements

  1. Stream was experiencing consistent delays of 15-60 seconds.
  2. The v1 /assets endpoint was returning both listings and bids in the seaport_sell_orders field. This was causing users to have to handle very large payloads. A fix was deployed to only return listings, aka sell orders.
  3. The error messaging when sending invalid Unix timestamps has been improved.