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OpenSea provides a one-stop shop for creating your own customizable marketplace for your ERC721 or non-fungible token (NFT) project. Allow users to smoothly buy and sell your items, get custom stats and analytics, and earn revenue when your items get traded.


Open your own marketplace

Let your users freely trade your ERC721 items by opening your own marketplace on OpenSea.


You can finally open a beautiful, customizable marketplace on your own domain, fully integrated into your project.

Set your own fee

By opening your your storefront on OpenSea, you can set your own fee on the secondary sales of your items. Whenever a user makes a sale, you earn a commission.

Get stats & insights

Get stats and insights to see how your collectibles are trending.

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Run your own crowd sale

Sell the items in your game to an initial user base of early adopters. Even sell off items in your own token.

sell crypto packs of items

Sell packs of items

Instead of individual items, you can finally sell packs of items to give more to your users.

Airdop items to users as rewards

Airdop items to users as rewards

Reward your users with items to grow your app's user base.

Create lootboxes

Create lootboxes

Create lootboxes to gamify your app and build engagement.

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Power your in-app economy with OpenSea.js

Buy, sell, & bundle

• Enable users to instantly create auctions (without paying gas) in any currency of their choosing.
• Let users bid directly on items.
• Allow users to create multi-item bundles (even with items from other games!)

Easily pull in data on your assets

• Access the OpenSea API with a JavaScript wrapper, allowing you to search assets, collections, users and more

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opensea api
opensea api

Fetch assets with our API

OpenSea provides an HTTP API for fetching non-fungible ERC721 assets based on a set of query parameters. Wallets and websites can now display:


Get assets filtered by a particular collectible type, or belonging to a particular wallet address


Get events happening on all assets (not just on our marketplace), including sales, listings, bids, transfers, and more


Get usernames and profile details for account addresses

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Trusted by top wallets & websites

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Collaborate with OpenSea Studios

OpenSea partners with select teams and brands to bring their ideas to life. Have a big idea? We’d love to learn more. We’ve already created amazing concepts that users love like!

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