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As the first and largest marketplace for Non-Fungible Tokens and Semi-Fungible Tokens, OpenSea provides a first-in-class developer platform consisting of an API, SDK, and developer tutorials. Feel free to browse around and get acclimated with developing smart contracts and interacting with NFT data.

Open your own marketplace

Let your users freely trade your NFTs by opening your own marketplace on OpenSea.


You can finally open a beautiful, customizable marketplace on your own domain, fully integrated into your project.

Set your own fee

You can set your own fee on the secondary sales of your items on OpenSea. Whenever a user makes a sale, you earn a commission.

Get stats & insights

Get stats and insights to see how your collectibles are trending.

opensea get listed

Run your own crowd sale

Sell the items in your game to an initial user base of early adopters. Even sell off items in your own token.

sell crypto packs of items

Sell packs of items

Instead of individual items, you can finally sell packs of items to give more to your users.

Airdrop items to users as rewards

Gift items to users

Reward your users with items to grow your app's user base.

Create lootboxes

Create lootboxes

Create lootboxes to gamify your app and build engagement.

Power your in-app economy with OpenSea.js

Buy, sell, & bundle

Enable users to create auctions (w/o paying gas) in any currency, bid on items, and create multi-item bundles.

Easily pull in data on your NFT items

Access the OpenSea API with a JavaScript wrapper, allowing you to search NFTs, collections, users, and more.

opensea api
opensea api

Fetch NFTs with our API

OpenSea provides a REST API for fetching NFT items based on a set of parameters. Apps can now display:


Filter by collection, type, or wallet address.


Get all NFT related events (not just on our marketplace) including sales, listings, bids, transfers, and more.


Get profile information for wallet addresses.

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