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Buy and Sell
Buy, sell, and make offers directly to the OpenSea Marketplace
Use our Marketplace API to programatically create listings and offers on NFTs. We support offers on individual NFTs, as well as offers on a collection or on a particular trait.
Fetch images, descriptions, and other metadata for NFTs and Collections
Our NFT API allows you to fetch metadata for any NFT on any OpenSea supported blockchain. You can fetch NFTs by collection, smart contract, or owner address.
Listen to blockchain events
Connect to our websocket API to listen to NFT events on the blockchain. You can listen to all events globally or filter by collection. You'll see events for new listings, offers, transfers, and more.
1.5B+ NFTs
OpenSea has ingested more than 1.5 billion NFTs since launching in 2017
30M+ Collections
OpenSea is the premiere destination for Web3 storytelling, and we play host to 30 million collections
$35B+ Volume
Users have completed over $35 billion worth of transactions using OpenSea
Not sure where to start? Check out one of our beginner guides: ranging from deploying your first NFT contract to creating a primary drop on OpenSea
Deploy and setup an NFT contract.
We'll walk you through the basis of deploying your first NFT smart contract and having it show up on OpenSea.
Create an NFT Drop.
Are you a creator looking to drop a NFT collection without writing any code? Check out our self serve guide to Primary Drops.
Display NFTs on your website.
Follow this guide to learn how to use our API to render NFTs on your website.
Buy and sell NFTs programatically.
This guide shows you how to setup a bidding bot using our SDK