05.19.2023 Updates

OpenSea has been hard at work helping to build the API to be valuable to the broader Web3 ecosystem. Here are some of the ways, the API has changed this week:

Breaking Changes

  1. The Asset Model had an inaccurate, deprecated field, owner, which is now removed. Please use retrieve owners api to get the owners of a particular NFT.

Bug Fixes / Improvements

  1. SDK, opensea-js, updated to version 5.0.2
    1. Removes Seaport v1.4 from valid protocol addresses.
    2. Tags SDK calls so OpenSea can better determine SDK vs API usage
  2. SDK homepage updated to v2 API Docs.
  3. Fetching events for null and burn addresses was causing 500 errors. These address are no longer supported and instead will return a 400 error.