06.02.2023 Updates

OpenSea has been hard at work helping to build the API to be valuable to the broader Web3 ecosystem. Here are some of the ways, the API has changed this week:


  1. Future individual offers will be on OpenSea's signed zone. This will allow individual offers to gain the same protection as criteria offers do. For more information on signed zone protection, see OpenSea's tweet about the initial release: https://twitter.com/opensea/status/1635714222960295936
  2. opensea-js: The latest release contains a vast number of improvements including reducing dependencies, consistently using a single BigNumbers implementation, improved naming, and removing deprecated and broken functions.
    For more info, see the Release Notes.
  3. stream-js: The latest release contains types for Invalidation and Revalidation Events. These events will be sent when an order validation status changes for any reason. For example, if a user has a WETH offer and the WETH balance drops below the offer amount.
    Currently, this is being tested with a few collections to make sure these events do not cause delays to other events.

Breaking Changes

  1. Because individual offers now have signed zone protection, when fulfilling these offers, API users will need to include the watchtower signature that is passed to them in the fulfillment endpoint.
  2. On June 5th (Monday), we will have a brownout period where we enforce authentication via a valid API key on all of our endpoints from 10AM-2PM EST. After 2PM, the endpoints that do not require a key will revert back to the existing behavior. On June 15th, unauthenticated access will be fully disallowed.

Bug Fixes / Improvements

  1. The bidding-bot-demo application was broken, still using Seaport 1.4, but now has been updated and is operational again.