06.08.2023 Updates

OpenSea has been hard at work helping to build the API to be valuable to the broader Web3 ecosystem. Here are some of the ways, the API has changed this week.

Breaking Changes

  1. On June 8th (Thursday), we will have a brownout period where we enforce authentication via a valid API key on all of our endpoints from 9AM-5PM EST. After 5PM, the endpoints that do not require a key will revert back to the existing behavior. On June 15th, unauthenticated access will be fully disallowed.

Bug Fixes / Improvements

  1. Replace fetch with ethers fetchJson, PR #1029, published in opensea-js v6.0.3
  2. If an empty string was provided for a metadata value such as image_data or image_url, it would cause the image to not load. This logic has been made less brittle by ignoring empty strings.
  3. Fixed issue which prevented Windows users from installing opensea-js and seaport-js.


  1. Sign up on the OpenSea Discord for the Developer role to get pinged about Developer focused announcements.