Fulfillment Endpoints

On February 23rd, 2023 we released two new fulfillment endpoints which contain all of the information needed to fulfill offers and listings

  • /v2/listings/fulfillment_data
  • v2/offers/fulfillment_data

These endpoints are now the only sanctioned way to retrieve fulfillment data from OpenSea.


Why are you making changes to the existing endpoints & Stream API?

The new endpoints were designed to make it easier to fulfill offers and listings by vending data in the format that is needed when submitting the transaction on chain. Additionally, this is a part of our ongoing effort to improve the safety, ergonomics, and efficiency of the OS API.

Which endpoints are affected by the removal?

The below endpoints will no longer be returning signatures.

  • GET v1/assets (with include_orders=true)
  • GET v1/asset/<asset_contract_address>/<token_id>/offers
  • GET v1/asset/<asset_contract_address>/<token_id>/listings
  • GET v2/orders/<chain>/<protocol>/listings
  • GET v2/orders/<chain>/<protocol>/offers
  • GET v2/offers/collection/<slug>
  • GET v2/offers/collection/<slug>/trait
  • GET v2/offers/collection/<slug>/all
  • GET v2/listings/collection/<slug>/all

What are the rate limits for these new endpoints?

The rate limit is determined dynamically based how frequently you fulfill the offers and listings being requested.

Will you support fulfillment of collection and trait offers?

This release does not include support for collection or trait offer fulfillment.

Will the SDK be updated to handle the new endpoints?

We’ll be updating the SDK in the coming months with the new fulfillment mechanism.

Is this the only way to get fulfillment data?

Yes. We’ll be enforcing this path as the sole way for programmatic users to access fulfillment data.

Do the endpoints require an API key?

Yes. Please use the form here to submit a request for an API key.