Limits on Order Expiration Time

What: Starting on March 8, we’ll enforce limits on the duration of new buy and sell orders issued through our SDK.  Here’s how:

  • We’ll require an order expiration time to be explicitly defined, within a minimum of 15 minutes and a maximum of 6 months.
  • With this explicit requirement, we’re deprecating the ability to issue orders that don’t expire, which was previously supported through an expiration time of 0.
  • We’ll return an error response for an expiration time that’s outside of these new limits.
  • Our SDK has been updated to reflect these new limits and we’ve added a default order expiration time of 6 months.

Why: As part of our upgrade to the Wyvern 2.3 contract, we’ve removed support for non-expiring orders, and these updates to our SDK mirror the limits that we’ve put in place for orders placed directly on

Developer Action: If you’re using our SDK to issue buy and sell orders, please ensure that you upgrade to Version 3.0.0, which we’ve updated for compatibility with these new limits.