New Release - v2 NFT Endpoints

On June 27th, 2023, we released 4 new endpoints under our /v2 schema:

Why did we build these endpoints?

These endpoints are intended to replace the /v1/asset and v1/assets endpoints. The old endpoints have numerous problems, but here are a few examples:

  • Bloated response structure: the response payloads are very large. We return nested objects — if you want to fetch NFT metadata, we also return the metadata for a collection, contract, and even have the option to return orders for the NFT.
  • Scalability concerns: generating our complex responses forces us to run queries that are non-performant and cannot scale
  • Feature gaps: we only support fetching information for NFTs on the Ethereum chain

What is better about the /v2 NFT endpoints?

  • New Features
    • Multichain Support: you can get information for NFTs on any chain
    • Metadata Refresh: we now support a programmatic endpoint for refreshing metadata on an NFT
  • Slimmed-down response: our new response payloads are simple and easy to read
  • Better performance

Is there a timeline for removing the /v1 asset endpoints?

No. However, we suggest you move to the new endpoints as soon as possible, since they are more performant and have new features!