Stream API Beta is now available

We’ve launching a beta version the Stream API, a new websocket-based service that enables developers to receive events as they occur across our marketplace.

We’ve built the Stream API to better support a range of use cases that rely on dynamic data, such as price fluctuation, listings, bids, and ownership changes. Instead of polling for updates, you can subscribe to receive events as they occur - whether for specific collections or globally across the entire OpenSea marketplace.

The Stream API makes it easier to build many new features, such as:

  • A push notifications service that alerts people when they receive new bids on their listing.
  • An activity feed that provides a timeline of sales of NFTs from a specific collection.
  • A real-time dashboard that enables people to visualize and track key trends and metrics.
  • A display of NFTs that have recently had their metadata updated.

With this beta launch, we’re providing a JavaScript SDK that provides a simple way to manage connections and individual subscribers to the Stream API and its various events. And as an example of what’s possible, we’ve also built a new tool that leverages the Stream API to automatically post updates to Discord which you can clone on GitHub.

To get started, check out our Stream API developer documentation which will walk through setup and using our SDK. Please let us know what you think and share your feedback, questions, and issues in our Developers channel in Discord.