Requiring side parameter on /wyvern/v1/orders

What: As of April 26, we will require the side parameter to be included in all requests to the /wyvern/v1/orders endpoint. This parameter is used to filter the response to either buy or sell orders and was previously optional. Moving forward, requests will fail if they don’t include this parameter.

Why: We’ve found that most of the requests made to this endpoint are already including this parameter and by making this parameter required, we’re able to simplify our responses and improve performance for this endpoint.

Developer Action: If you haven’t been including the side parameter in your requests to the /wyvern/v1/orders endpoint, you’ll need to update your requests to begin including this parameter before April 26. In order to fetch both buy and sell side orders, you’ll need to issue separate requests with the side parameter set accordingly. If you have any questions as you’re navigating this change, please reach out on Discord as we’re here to help.