Now Accepting Seaport v1.6 Orders

Starting today, OpenSea is migrating to Seaport v1.6. There are no interface changes to Seaport, so the methods and events are the same. As a developer, you just need to update to the latest SDK versions to create and submit orders using Seaport v1.6:

Seaport v1.5 orders will still show on OpenSea during the migration period, but will stop being accepted via the API as of Tuesday April 2.

If you submit v1.5 orders using the OpenSea Signed Zone at 0x000000e7ec00e7b300774b00001314b8610022b8, for v1.6 you will have to use the updated zone at 0x000056f7000000ece9003ca63978907a00ffd100.