Removing Last-Sale Sorting

What: We are deprecating and eventually removing sale_date, sale_count, and sale_price as sort options from /assets


Why: A very small percent of requests for the /assets endpoint use these as sorting options. However, they lead to some of the slowest and least efficient queries on our platform. This leads to a poorly optimized OpenSea.

In the near future, we will be rolling our cursor pagination to the /assets endpoint, which means these ordering options will not work.

In the long run, this will lead to an enhanced developer experience with improved API requests, and a more reliable platform. We will evaluate re-introducing the ability to fetch assets ordered by these options in the future.

Developer Action: If you are currently relying on sale_date, sale_count, and sale_price as sort options from /assets for your API requests you will need to update your logic to stop relying on them. For now, you may continue using these ordering options, but eventually requests with these ordering inputs will fail.