Updated timeline for March 1 API migrations

What: We’re extending the timeline to March 8 for a set of changes to our API that were previously announced as part of Wyvern 2.3 Developer Upgrade Guide and were set to take effect on March 1. The following changes will now take effect on March 8:

  • Cursor Pagination: With the introduction of cursor-based pagination on the /events endpoint, the following three fields on the /events will no longer function: limit, offset, and occurred_after. The new next and and previous fields should be used to request additional results.
  • Fetching Orders: Open orders will no longer be returned on the /asset/:contract_address/:token_id endpoint unless requests include include_orders=true as a query parameter. Additionally, orders will no longer be returned on this endpoint after March 21 and will only be available through the new listings (/asset/:contract_address/:token_id/listings) and offers (/asset/:contract_address/:token_id/offers) endpoints.

Why: We want to ensure that impacted developers have additional time to prepare and migrate implementations for compatibility with our latest API endpoints.

Developer Action: If you’re using either of these two features, you’ll need to take the following actions before March 8:

  • Cursor Pagination: Begin using the next and previous cursors that are returned by the /events endpoint in place of the limit, offset, and occurred_after, which will no longer be functional. More details can be found in our previous post about this change.
  • Fetching Orders: Begin using the new listings (/asset/:contract_address/:token_id/listings) and offers (/asset/:contract_address/:token_id/offers) endpoints to fetch open orders on an asset, which will be the only supported approach after March 21. If you’d like to continue using the /asset/:contract_address/:token_id to fetch open orders up until March 21, you’ll need to pass in include_orders=true as a query parameter in order to fetch open orders on an asset.