Delaying removal of orders from assets endpoints

What: We’re delaying the removal of orders from our /assets and /asset/:contract_address/:token_id endpoints, which we had previously communicated would take place on March 21. Developers will be able to continue issuing requests with the optional include_orders flag set to true in order to fetch orders using these endpoints. We will provide an updated plan and date for this migration in the coming weeks.

Why: We’ve listened to extensive feedback from our developer community on their challenges with the new approach for fetching orders on a per-token basis. While we’re evaluating options to best support this set of use cases, we want to ensure that developers are still able to fetch orders using the include_orders flag in the meantime.

Developer Action: Developers can continue to fetch orders using the /assets and /asset/:contract_address/:token_id endpoints by attaching include_orders=true as a query parameter on all requests to these endpoints. Please refer to our API Reference for more details on the assets and single asset endpoints.