Collection and Trait Offer Fulfillment

We now support fetching fulfillment data for criteria offers (collection and trait offers). You can see the updated documentation here.

Listings Currency Bug Fix

Fixed a bug where all listings had eth as the currency.

Fulfillment Endpoints

On February 23rd, 2023 we released two new fulfillment endpoints which contain all of the information needed to fulfill offers and listings

Enabled Retrieving Offers and Listings on Large Collections

Previously, the api to get all listings or offers for a collection was restricted to collections with less than 20,000 assets. Today, the restriction has been removed. The "Retrieve all listings" and "Retrieve all offers" will now return results for all collections.

Added rarity data to asset and collection model

What: We are now returning additional rarity data fields for collections that have enabled rarity by their creators. This rarity data will be returned by the /asset and /assets endpoint, as well as a new boolean parameter indicating whether the creator has enabled rarity will be returned in the Collection model via the /collection, /asset, /assets and /events endpoint.

Deprecated: Wyvern order posting to Shared Storefront contract

What: we are discontinuing support for Wyvern order posting to the OpenSea shared storefront contract on Monday, July 25th. This means that we will no longer accept any Wyvern programatic order submissions, and you will receive an error if you attempt to hit the endpoint.

Programmatic orders now restored

We’ve completed our investigation into performance issues that were impacting our API and SDK and have now restored access to programmatic orders through our API and SDK.

SDK v4.0.0-beta available for Seaport testing

We’ve released v4.0.0-beta of our SDK which introduces support for fetching and posting of offers and listings on the new Seaport contract. Developers can begin to test against this beta version on Rinkeby.

Extended downtime on programmatic orders

We are investigating performance issues that are impacting our API and SDK. On May 20, we disabled programmatic orders to allow us to investigate and work towards a resolution. We expect programmatic orders through our API and SDK will be back up in the next week, as soon as we resolve the performance issues.

Testnets API no longer requires an API key

What: Starting today, we are no longer requiring an API key to make requests to our Testnets API endpoints.