Offer on an NFT


You should have already completed Part 1: Setup where you created all necessary keys and cloned our sample repo that uses the OpenSea SDK.

Find a NFT to offer on

First, you'll need to find the NFT you want to make an offer on. Go to OpenSea and browse around to find one you're interested in. At the time of writing this article, PUNKBITS is the number one trending collection on OpenSea, so let's use that for the remainder of the tutorial. Specifically, let's place an offer on PUNKBITS #6764. For this particular NFT, the contractAddress and tokenId are as follows:

  • contractAddress: 0x43fa8aeb7eaa2bb74cf1d07281ebebb76a23941c
  • tokenId: 6764

You'll need these parameters in the next few sections!

Update the code

Open up the [createOffer.ts]( file under the /src directory. Here's the code:

import { WALLET_ADDRESS, sdk} from './utils/constants';

const createOffer = async () => {
    // TODO: Fill in the token address and token ID of the NFT you want to make an offer on
    let tokenAddress: string = "";
    let tokenId: string = "";
    let offerAmount: string = "";

    const offer = {
        accountAddress: WALLET_ADDRESS,
        startAmount: offerAmount,
        asset: {
            tokenAddress: tokenAddress,
            tokenId: tokenId,

    try {
        const response = await sdk.createOffer(offer);
        console.log("Successfully created an offer with orderHash:", response.orderHash);
    } catch (error) {
        console.error("Error in createOffer:", error);

// Check if the module is the main entry point
if (require.main === module) {
    // If yes, run the createOffer function
    createOffer().catch((error) => {
        console.error("Error in createOffer:", error);

export default createOffer;

Before running the script, you need to update Lines 6-8 (add values for tokenAddress, tokenId, and offerAmount) to values that represent the NFT you want to offer on, and the price.

Create the offer

After setting the above variables, you'll need to first make sure the code compiles:

npm run build

Next, run the createOffer script with this command:

npm run createOffer

If the offer was successfully created, you'll see this output from the script:

Successfully created an offer with orderHash: 0x12345928q98249834

Validate the offer

Navigate to the open offers tab in your Profile page, you'll see a tab that lists all of your open offers. If you successfully created the offer, it'll show up here. Here's an example from a script run: