Part 1: Setup

Create an OpenSea account

In order to interact with a smart contract on Ethereum, you will need to create an OpenSea account (or sign in with your existing wallet provider) and put some Ether in it. Start by going to the OpenSea testnet website and creating an account by clicking the "Login" button in the top right corner. After your account is created, you'll see your new Ethereum address at the top with an account balance of $0.00. Now you need to fund your wallet!

Add some Sepolia ether from a faucet to your account

A "faucet" is like a bank that dispenses cryptocurrency. Some third party providers will give you free testnet currency to help you get onboarded to the ecosystem.

Make sure your wallet is set to the Sepolia chain before you continue because this tutorial is on the Sepolia testnet chain.

To add some Goerli ether to your wallet, you can go to this Sepolia Faucet and request some Goerli ether be added to your account. Note that you might have to create an account with this particular 3rd party provider: Alchemy.

After completing the signup flow on Alchemy and requesting Ether, navigate back to OpenSea and you'll see your account balance updated.

Great! You've now created an OpenSea account and funded your wallet. In the next step, you'll deploy your first NFT smart contract.