Part 1: Deploy a smart contract


Featured collection: CHRYSALISM: DNA

Getting Started

First, you’ll need to deploy your collection’s smart contract.


This step must be completed before you move on to other steps.

To deploy a contract for the first time, connect your wallet to OpenSea and navigate to your “My Collections” page. Click Create a collection.


For a Drop, you’ll need to deploy your own custom smart contract, which you can do directly using the OpenSea interface. In order to do so, you’ll select Deploy your own contract from the two options. Deploying a smart contract onto a blockchain requires a gas fee.


Next, you'll need to add a logo image, contract name, token symbol (which will display on Etherscan to represent your contract), and select an EVM chain. While you will be able to change the logo image and contract name later, you won't be able to update your token symbol or chain.


What’s Next

If you need custom functionality for your contract that would require you to extend our standard NFT contract, you can find more details about custom contract deployment in our developer documentation. Otherwise, you can move on to Part 2.