Part 3: Set your drop earnings

OpenSea’s fee for primary drops is 10% of the sale price for each NFT, which is automatically configured as part of the drop setup. Changing this value will make your drop ineligible to show on OpenSea.

After you’ve set up your drop schedule, click the Earnings section on the left side of the page and add your payout wallet address. ENS domains are not supported at this time.

The recipient address you’ve specified will receive the remaining 90% of the primary mint sale price for each item.

Creator earnings

Your contract supports the EIP-2981 on-chain royalty standard for your secondary market creator earnings settings to be discovered on-chain. To set this, call setRoyaltyInfo(yourRoyaltyAddress, bps) with bps being basis points out of 10,000. For example, 5% creator earnings on secondary sales would be 500 bps.

Any secondary sales on OpenSea will respect the creator earnings you’ve configured on-chain. To modify your creator earnings on the OpenSea site, you’ll need to navigate to your My Collections page and click on the Earnings tab. You’ll need to set your creator earnings on other web3 marketplaces separately.